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[PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWER] Concerning my upcoming Jungle Book fanmake, should I keep the mice/Fievel their normal size or should I upscale them a bit? 

15 deviants said Upscale them a bit
6 deviants said Keep their size normal
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Tiger's Summer Vacation by BenJJedi
Tiger's Summer Vacation

New Sketchmission by :iconcaseyljones:

Given how hot it usually gets in Summer at Green River, our lovable feline friend figures what better way to cool off than relaxing at the old swimming hole with a delicious glass of lemonade. After all, who wouldn't want to relax that way? ;)

Tiger (C) Don Bluth, Universal
Art (C) CaseyLJones
BenJJedi's The Jungle Book Recast Meme by BenJJedi
BenJJedi's The Jungle Book Recast Meme
Okay, I saw :iconmichaelsar:'s blank Jungle Book recast meme here  The Jungle Book Recast Meme (Blank Version) by Michaelsar and I thought I ought to give this a shot, since I'm planning a Jungle Book fanmake in honor of the 2016 live-action reimagining released a few months back. So... Let's dive in, shall we?

Janja (The Lion Guard) as Shere Khan
No lie, literally any villain could've easily gotten this role. Even Scar of The Lion King fame would have this role hook, line and sinker. However, I figured Janja was a perfect fit on account of who would be playing Mowgli. Janja the Hyena, much like Shere Khan, is a very ruthless and cunning villain, not to mention very intelligent. But while he is so, Janja is also, for lack of better word, a coward behind his personality and turns tail when faced with a fair fight.

Princess Luna (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) as Bagheera
While Luna is a stern and no-nonsense princess on the surface, she is a very caring Alicorn when you take the time to know her. Much like Bagheera can be to Mowgli. Both are very stern, but at the end of the day care for those they know.

Nagini (Harry Potter; voiced by Angelina Jolie) as Kaa
Okay, I ran out of ideas when I was casting for this role. So I decided on going with a villainous snake I knew.

Tiger (An American Tail series) as Baloo
Not necessarily the first choice I had in mind for Baloo. But then, I remembered that Tiger is a pretty easygoing feline and can be really tough and aggressive if absolutely necessary. Plus, call it a bonus because of who I cast as Mowgli, given they're the best of friends. ;)

Fievel Mousekewitz (An American Tail series) as Mowgli
Okay, I know it would make more sense to cast a human as Mowgli. But bare with me on this since I have a twist in mind for the mice (who'll be replacing the humans) in which they're more evolved in terms of intelligence- Think The Secret of NIMH- and also height so they (and Fievel) aren't completely dwarfed by the more "feral" animals.

Also, look at it from a character standpoint. Much like Mowgli, Fievel is a very smart kid and brave kid for his age. However, both tend to bite off more than they can chew, especially when it comes to staring danger directly in the face. Plus, you can thank :iconsammyd91:'s pic here, Look for the...Tiger Necessities by SammyD91, for the thought of Fievel and Tiger as Mowgli and Baloo respectively. :)

Leonard (The Angry Birds Movie) as King Louie
Again, I ran out of ideas for this role. But... Leonard is a king and his subjects are rather troublesome, much like Louie and the Bandar-Log.

Kermit the Frog (The Muppets) as Colonel Hathi
This is probably even more of a headscratcher to you than Fievel as Mowgli, but if you think about it, it makes good sense. The Muppets are usually always screwing things up and it is usually frustrating for poor Kermit, who isn't always the most patient frog on the planet. Not to mention Hathi is pretty no-nonsense. But then again, what type of colonel isn't no-nonsense? :XD:

But anyways, what do you guys think? :)

Meme (C) Michaelsar
Characters (C) Their respective owners
Louis Meets His Idol by BenJJedi
Louis Meets His Idol

Louis had been looking forward to this day ever since his childhood. He had remembered being a little gator, hopping up and down in his seat as he watched his favorite movie, The Jungle Book, and even sang along with his idol and favorite actor/character, Baloo the Bear, to his theme song "The Bare Necessities." He even recalled happily watching Baloo's TV series, TaleSpin, every chance he could. 

And now, he was finally here at Comic-Con, about to meet Baloo. It was thanks to that lovable bear that Louis aspired to not only go for a career in Jazz music, but also hoped to be in a Disney movie someday. The young gator hopped lightly as he waited in line, giggling like an idiot as he clutched a picture of Baloo. But while he was excited, poor Louis was also very anxious, wondering what he might say and if he could muster the courage to speak to him. 

Before he even knew it, Louis found himself standing before Baloo's booth, the friendly-looking bear sitting before him with his casual smile. He smiled nervously and managed to speak up as he held out the picture.

"Um... Hiya, Mister Autograph. Can I get your Baloo?" Louis asked, feeling nervous before he realized what he said, "D'oh! I'm sorry, Mister Baloo! I meant-!" 

Baloo just chuckled, "Sure, kid. I'll gladly sign for ya."

With that, he gladly accepted the picture and got ready to sign. But he stopped and looked to Louis briefly.

"By the way, I don't think I got your name."

Louis was so starstruck he nearly forgot where he was. "Huh? Oh! My name's Louis Gaotr, but you can call me, Louis!" He introduced himself with an excited smile, "I'm not gonna lie, you've been a major inspiration to me as a li'l gator."

"Really? That's awful sweet of ya to say." Baloo spoke as he started on writing.

"Yep. You've really inspired me to wanna go into music and be in a Disney movie!" 

"That's a pretty sweet dream, Big Lou. I'll be sure to look out for your name in the movies."

Once he was done writing, the gray bear handed the ecstatic gator his photo back. Smiling, Louis gave Baloo a big hug, which he returned with an even bigger hug.

"Thanks, Baloo!" 

"Nah. Thank
you, Louis."

And after that little exchange, Louis happily went on his way to enjoy the rest of the convention. He wasn't even far from where Baloo's booth was when he remembered he didn't look at his idol's autograph on the picture. Turning it over so that the happy-go-lucky bear's grinning face was smiling back at him, the gator gasped and smiled at the message Baloo left for him.

"To Louis,

Keep following your dreams and never give up on them. But don't forget to look for the bare necessities.

Your idol and buddy, Baloo"

Louis could feel his eyes mist up with tears of joy and hugged the picture close to his heart. Never would he ever forget the day that he met his longtime idol, Baloo the Bear, or his very encouraging message...

Commission/art done once again by the talented :iconcaseyljones:. It's also based very loosely on a true story of when I met my own idol, Dick Van Dyke, at the D23 Expo last year. ;)

In an AU based on the movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, in which cartoon characters are actors in real life, Baloo (of The Jungle Book and TaleSpin fame) is a very major inspiration to everyone's favorite alligator, Louis (of The Princess and the Frog fame).

Art (C) CaseyLJones
Louis, Baloo (C) Disney
Head Canon/Theory of the Day:

Kung Fu Panda, Robin Hood, TaleSpin and Zootopia are set in the same universe, separated by eras!

Kung Fu Panda: Ancient China

Robin Hood: Middle Ages

TaleSpin: 1920s-30s (Post World War 1, pre-World War 2)

Zootopia: Present Day

I mean, think about it. We don't see any humans in the worlds of said films, which are entirely inhabited by anthropomorphic animals and they wear clothes, go to work and anything else we do. Think about it. They could all be one big series. ;)
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